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Zebulon Westman Radass Philly-dudes puttin' their own flavor on the otherwise at times samey genre of twinkly emo. LOVE the vocals and the instrumentation is great.
RELEASE AN LP. Favorite track: Dirk the Pizza Jerk.
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released November 21, 2012

Theo- Guitar, Vocals
Pat- Bass, Vocals
Dustin- Drums
Backing Vocals on "Gaps" by Jake Ewald

Produced By Jake Ewald

"Gaps" uses a sound clip from the Arrested Development episode "Queen for a Day". Please don't sue us, we're so young.



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Airman Trout Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

dead as fuck
high school bois

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Track Name: Dirk the Pizza Jerk
there's something crawling into me
i'm reaching for the bedroom door
but what i get and what see
explain why you just fucking tore
my heart to pieces, agony
nothing less, nothing more
so if you need a place to sleep
don't fucking call me anymore

while the world was sleeping, i didn't want to wake
there was no reason to rise
but things are good now
no thanks to you
wish i could go back
take out half the shit you put me through

my eyes close,
i hear the words you can't stop screaming
i feel nothing
but regret for never leaving
you'll go back to school
i'll be left alone
i can't help but feel i should've fucking known
Track Name: Pi Are You Doing This?
quick on the game of fucking my year up
falling backwards from the gate
can't help but fear behind this shit luck
is just more coming my way

and i know i'll be okay if i just spend one last okay i'll spare you the pain it's just a lot of words ending in "-ay" alright i'm sorry i'm new to this

as shadows fall across my figure
your smile keeps me in the light
as the world around comes close to crumbling down
you stay by my side
and i know i'll be alright
if i just spend one last night wrapped in arms,
hands squeezed so tight
in you i'm right
Track Name: Gaps
falling further from the way out
dropping deeper through my head
losing meanings
words bleed and drip away

filling gaps in my feeble brain
mind's a trap, locking everything

slipping through a maze of feeling
as syllables lose their place
dripping through lips as meanings decay
Track Name: Morning
Shivering in the cold break of day,
earth turns and leaves me in place
broken by hope, swallowed by change,
drowned within the passing day